Ohana Yoga + Barre’s Window Wrap Design

March 8, 2024

I love it when two worlds come together in a beautiful and creative way. My 10-years in marketing have made it so that designing with brands in mind is second nature to me. Whether it’s layout design for a brochure or website, or creating a custom Window Wrap Design for a local small business, I’m always excited to mix my knowledge of marketing best practices with my love for making things beautiful and adding illustrative magic.

When this project was brought to me, I was so excited about the possibilities for brining the Ohana brand feel–highly feminine and creative–to life on their windows. While this brand is based in Denver, Colorado their whole brand feel is warm and tropical connecting their customers to the life that come from nature. It only made sense that we would bring the elements of the rainforest to the windows of this Denver Boutique studio.

Ohana Yoga + Barre Window Wrap Illustration

We started with a green palette, just like the vibes of Hawaii or Costa Rica. But it became clear that, while this color scheme was fun and natural, it lacked the warmth of the brand. So we made the transition to a warm color palette that was more in line with their logo and high level brand colors.

Each element was hand drawn (apart from the text and logo) to give it an organic feeling. The leaves are repeated to give it a uniformed look but the colors change throughout and the size and orientation change as well to keep the movement that comes with being in a rainforest alive.

Finally, because these are window decals we wanted to leave transparent parts for light to come through and to see into the studio. On the left side of the building is Ohana’s new Ice + GLOW (ice bath and infrared sauna) in which case, we wanted privacy so we kept the wrap completely opaque with a warm background color that give the space a warm glow when the light hits it. For the rest of the windows, I played with positive and negative space, the die-cute leaves being my absolute favorite part.

Now, as students enter the building, or pedestrians walk past these windows, they’ll know exactly what this place is all about and already have a feel for their luxury standards and warm and feminine vibe.

Interested in having some custom illustrations done for your brand? Send me a note and let me know what you’re hoping to create!

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